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BLUK Review

Share  BLUK Review   Bluk is by Deepak Madathil and Pixel Ape Studios is a physics-based platformer game where you control a single block with magical abilities. If you’re a fan of skill-based games, then Bluk is one that you should check out. Controls in Bluk are simple enough for everyone to understand. The block starts out on a pillar, and there are many more pillars that are laid out in front of it. You just drag your finger on the screen to aim the block with the dotted trajectory line, and then release your finger to jump. It’s like Angry Birds controls, except without the annoying birds and pigs. The goal is to land on the next pillar without...

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Eisenhorn: XENOS Review

Share  Eisenhorn: XENOS   Eisenhorn: XENOS is by Pixel Hero Games. This app is a saturate, fully 3D adventure game, adapted from ‘Xenos’. In this, app you are Eisenhorn sent out to fight and protect the Imperium of man from anything that may threaten it. You’ll also have to occasionally break out your sword and gun to show folks you really mean business, but only really if you reach a climactic part of the story or fail to use stealth effectively.  App basically focused on story and gameplay moving with dialogues and storyline. Which make app more interesting and playful. This is full fledged third person driven story. Though I guess their one can do lot of  scope of betterment I guess...

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Jurassic GO – Dinosaur Snap Adventures Reviews

Share  Jurassic GO – Dinosaur Snap Adventures   Jurassic GO – Dinosaur Snap Adventures is an app by BebopBee, Inc. This is familiar shooter and simulation game. The game is completely in 3-D and the four environments are rich and packed with enough detail to immerse you in the prehistoric world. This is Brightly color App with realistic shadows, so its eye-catching app over all. In App Gamer is playing the role fo photographer hired by   Dino Museum to venture out to different environments for tours and snap photos of the dinosaur creatures that come across. Since the game is a simulation, gamer  have to help build things around the island to attract more tourists. User Interface of the app is...

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Deus Ex GO Review

Share  Deus Ex GO   Deus Ex Go is an app by SQUARE ENIX INC. And Deus Ex go is completely strategically puzzle game. Main Character in game, Adam Jensen, will be sporting his gentlemanly black trench coat and sunglasses, while moving easily on each level. There is an abundance of his enemies including guards, turrets, and more, have their own unique appearances, movements, and abilities that you have to watch out for. All animations in Deus Ex Go are smooth and flow seamlessly with no lag. There’s also an intricate plot to uncover as you go, which will be told through dialogue boxes that aren’t intrusive. The artwork for each character’s avatar in dialogue boxes is beautiful, as it’s done in...

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Legend of the Skyfish Review

Share  Legend of the Skyfish   Legend of the Skyfish by Crescent Moon Games and MGaia is a gorgeous action adventure puzzle game. In game, Players will watch the opening of the story, and then you have to go from place to place, winning all of the stages in chronological order. The formula is pretty straightforward: explore the environment, beat up some evils, solve tricky puzzles, and then face off against a boss at the end before moving on to the next level and doing it all over again. As you make progress, you’ll also find chests that contain powerful upgrades for your hood, fishing rod, and a grappling hook that will be permanently unlocked, even if you decide to...

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To The Throne review

Share  To The Throne is by Raredrop Games Ltd is a retro-inspired minimalist puzzle game that is full of royal challenges. Visuals in To The Throne are completely choice and amusing. There are also different designs in the background that represent the areas that you’ll be going through as you help guide a young king to his true throne. At the moment, there are 52 stages spread out across six different areas. To The Throne an App is story about a young king, King Kingsly, who must overcome difficult trials in order to earn the right to his true throne with the help of his royal advisor. The main aim in each level is to reach the throne, as...

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Albert & Otto Review

ShareAlbert & Otto   Albert & Otto is by Mokuni LLC is an attractive haunting puzzle game. Albert & Otto falls in line with the black-and-white silhouette style of LIMBO and other similar games. However, unlike LIMBO, Albert & Otto has much sharper graphics, since it isn’t a “dreamscape” environment that you’re in. In fact, the game carries a somewhat minimalistic design, as everything is flat and sharp, with some rough shading on elements in the setting. Albert & Otto falls in line with the black-and-white silhouette style of LIMBO and other similar games. However, unlike LIMBO, Albert & Otto has much sharper graphics, since it isn’t a “dreamscape” environment that you’re in. In fact, the game carries a somewhat minimalistic design,...

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Share  MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY (Free) by SQUARE ENIX INC is the latest free-to-play Final Fantasy title from the company, with the other recent one being Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. If you want more Fantasy in your life, then Mobius is a decent addition for your collection. Mobius goes with the modern, 3-D graphics that the Final Fantasy games are known for these days. The game features elegant animated cutscenes that explain the plot as you go, and there is full voice dialogue in it too. Voicing of app is quite attractive and catchy. Though Visuals can be improved for sure. If you can get past the fact that the graphics are not optimal to console standards, then it’s still...

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